3 Reasons I support the Democratic Party

Full disclosure – I am stealing this blog idea from my August Mom friend who posted it to her Facebook Wall. She stole it from one of her friends so I am just continuing the tradition just on a different platform 🙂

Here’s the Rule (me and my damn rules, right?!):

I have a lot of friends that are Republicans, and I love them! I have a lot of friends that are Democrats, and I love them! Without any negativity…if you are willing…list three reasons why you support your party! (NO MEANNESS ALLOWED)

Pretty similar to my overall blog rules, right? So, here’s my entry into the topic, all issues that came from my own personal life experiences and moved me away from one party and to the other over the years:

1) Equality – LGBT equality brought me to the Democrats in the 90s. Repeal of DADT (done, yay!) and full repeal of DOMA and establishing Marriage Equality across the country (not done, but working on it) – this is my one issue that I cannot debate very nicely because I absolutely cannot even begin to wrap my brain around anything other than supporting love and granting equal legal footing to everyone. THE END.

2) Women’s right to choose how to manage their bodies and granting or maintaining full access to all healthcare options (basically another equality issue if you think about it)

3) Commitment to the social safety net – no, that doesn’t mean socialism, but it does mean caring for the least among you in their hour – or lifetime if they are disabled – of need. I think access to healthcare is a RIGHT, not a privilege and as someone who has been very thankful to have government assistance when I needed it, I will stick with the party that makes sure it is always there. Charities and churches are fabulous partners in this endeavor, but they are not everywhere all the time. This is one of the critical roles where I view Government as the best overall solution.

Your Mileage and Experiences May Vary of course 🙂

So – what say you? What are 3 positively expressed reasons why you support the party that you do?




  1. I agree with the above. I grew up in a strong GOP stronghold, but have been a registered Democrat since 1980!

    I’d add to the above, the environment. I believe alternative energy and conservation are key. The future won’t matter if the planet doesn’t survive!

  2. WHAT??? You stole something from me?? That I stole from someone else??

    I really do like the idea of the discussion.

    Anyway — this is what I wrote on my friend’s Facebook.

    Both sides have some good ideas and policies and platforms. But at the end of the day, the issues that are nearing and dearer to my HEART (not my wallet but my heart) are more in line with the party that is currently supporting civil rights, reproductive rights, and (I’ll admit “Obamacare is not perfect) is bringing us in line with other developed nations on health care.

    (And for the record — I’ve voted both ways — is there some kind of Kinsey scale of politics??)

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