False equivalence is false

Also, manufactured controversies are manufactured.

You see – last week’s Hilary Rosen controversy wasn’t one. it was stupid. Sure. But an actual, real controversy? Not in the least.

Just as this week’s Ted Nugent controversy isn’t really either. A washed up psuedo rock singer long since marginalized as pretty much nuts and fringe who has said possibly WORSE things on stage about POTUS and the Secretary of State spouting off again at the NRA with a veiled threat to POTUS and genericly ugly language aimed at all Democrats. Color me not shocked or outraged. I’m more disturbed by people continuing to put him on the tv or radio and pretty much challenging him to double down on his vitriol – which he gladly does of course, because Hello! He’s fucking nuts!!!

Media contrived – completely.

OTOH – there is the slightly off putting fact that Mitt Romney’s son expressed through a tweet that he was pretty stoked that Nugent endorsed his dad before the potentially tight GOP Michigan primary.

Plus, Nugent’s statements are downright horrible no matter how you slice it or which side you sit on. Shoot, the White House and everyone remotely associated with them threw Rosen under several buses within minutes of her statement. Folks on the left got kind mad about THAT (because lord knows the left eats it’s own like nobody’s business). So, it would have been nice to see the right and Romney’s campaign disavow Nugent’s nonsense with a little more alacrity.

Anyway – the false equivalency part

I am deeply amused at the lengths to which the media will stretch to constantly say “of course, this is a problem from both sides.” Riiiight. Sure. On all topics it is *always* a 50/50 issue? Not even. Heck, that’s not logical! The world just doesn’t work that way!! If someone says “1+1=2” there IS no other side.

But who does the right or any media outlet trot out every single time a GOP supporter says something outrageous?

Bill Maher.

Yup, that’s right – the somehow equivalent lefty who is mentioned every damn time is the comic host  of pay channel only talk show who said some horribly offensive things about Sarah Palin a couple of years ago.

Rush Limbaugh spends a week calling Sandra Fluke a slut and demanding videos of her having sex? Bill Maher!

Ted Nugent repeatedly threatens violence against POTUS and all liberals? Bill Maher!

There could be 100 examples of offense from the right, but it doesn’t matter because – Bill Maher!








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