Really GOP women, really?

"With this I am going to control your LIFE?!"

Yes, I added the question mark on the caption. Because I really have to wonder if the current GOP tactic of questioning women’s access to just about EVERY aspect of reproductive health care is somehow a reaction to this? Do GOP hetero sexual men resent that those lady bits DO control their lives?  And what of the GOP women? How can they watch what has unfolded in front of them in the last 30 days and STILL support GOP candidates across the board? How can they vote for laws restricting their own access to medical care? How can they support laws that would make it more expensive for their own insurance coverage (if they get coverage at all) simply because they are female?

I mean – didn’t dry cleaners get into trouble for charging more for women’s clothes?

Have they listened to current GOP Presidential front runner Rick Santorum at ALL? He is on video challenging the mere EXISTENCE of birth control products – never mind actual access to or insurance coverage for it. This week he stated his opposition to a basic prenatal test that just about half pregnant women I know have had done – amniocentesis.

On what is he basing these opinions? Oh, just his religious beliefs, that’s all. No science. No scientific research. Just his gut, Catholic theology driven individual opinion. One he would just LOVE to use to create laws through he government to REGULATE medicine. Wait, not just medicine. WOMEN’s medicine.

Yes, Mr Limited government Republican would like to use the government to tell you, me, and everyone with those darling lady bits just exactly HOW you are to care for them (or, NOT care for them in most instances). Hell, the Limited Government Republican controlled Virginia state house and senate just voted to do exactly that with their bill MANDATING a specific medical procedure (trans vaginal ultrasounds) be done by doctors before performing abortions. This is not a procedure that doctors want done – this is what the GOVERNMENT wants done. Doctors and patients HAVE TO comply by law whether they want to or not.

Raped and impregnated? Oh, so sorry. Sure, we know it is legal for you to seek an abortion here. Oh, and we totally understand WHY you would want to of course. But…hey, minor detail – before you can have that done – spread ’em again would ya? We need to stick a camera up there and take some pictures. Oh, you don’t HAVE to look at them. Of course, if you DO – we sure do hope you reconsider and carry your rapists baby for 9 months and give birth. I’m sure that would be NO psychological burden to you at ALL!

Now, I’ve already seen the “hey, you have to spread your legs for the abortion – what’s a little ultrasound camera beforehand?” argument. Um – because you don’t NEED that and in no other circumstance would you be FORCED to have that? Even if it wasn’t a result of rape – choice is legal – how can you justify forcing a medical procedure like that on anyone?

And what about that panel investigating the religious entity  exception issue on insurance coverage of birth control? All men, right? About women’s health care access & payment thereof, right?

I say women convene a panel and write a few laws of their own related to men’s reproductive systems:

Hey – you want insurance to cover that Viagra? You want to get a vasectomy? Prostate exam first! Mandated! Government’s orders!

(didn’t a state legislator try to stick that in there in response to the ultrasound law?).

What’s good for the goose…well….personally I think the gander needs to stay the fuck out of the goose’s business. Particularly her lady bits. Clearly they are scared to death of them! So, they are a lost cause I am afraid.

But, the women?! C’mon now! Do you really want to make it that much harder for us (the 98%) who use birth control to access it? You WANT it to be more expensive? You WANT men dictating to us what sort of medical treatments we can have? You WANT to have your prenatal care reduced? Do you want to go back 100 years to when your body was not your own – when you were simply a vessel for increasing the population? Do you not SEE that is exactly where this going (intentionally or not?)





  1. A friend jokingly suggested that the solution to this problem is rather simple: Sterilize all men. When they come of age, bank some sperm in case they ever want to have kids. This would eliminate all unwanted pregnancies so there would be no need for birth control or abortions which ought to satisfy the GOP.

  2. I find it difficult to find a difference between the fundamentalism of Evangelicals and their current anti-sin / anti-woman legisilation — and the Taliban and Sharia law that everyone is so up in arms about. In both cases, it’s religious extremists trying to force their beliefs and ways of life on others. Why aren’t more people thinking about the possible abuses of such laws and the slippery slope it starts this Country rolling down?

    1. Agreed. This is why Markos Moulitsas titled his last book “American Taliban” and let me tell you he received a LOT of push back (even from the left) on that notion. Yes, it’s a sensational way to identify them, but it is also pretty spot on, especially given the developments just this year. They don’t just want to take us back to 1953 – there are bills on the docket and some that have passed that completely strip us of rights based solely on our gender. Perhaps they are trying to take us back to 1853? Ugh.

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