Silly season

Yes folks, it’s Silly Season as every DC area media type would say. Presidential Election year. Primary races. Such fun if you are into these shenanigans (as I am!).

Now, I have no decisions to make this time around. Unlike a few of my more disheartened liberal friends or always on the fence Independent buds, I am 100% behind the President and so my vote can already be counted. Therefore I am purely watching the GOP primary process with an eye to seeing who ends up going up against Obama and what sorts of issues the Republican party will be focusing on.

Oh boy oh boy……has it been INTERESTING so far!

I have a friend who posts after every GOP debate (are we on #19 tonight?!)…”So, who won this debate? Obama.”

And I would have a hard not arguing with that!

Now, this shouldn’t be so hard – you’ve got Mitt Romney! In typical GOP fashion, he is Next In Line. He was the anointed (self? media?) front runner a year ago and has been campaigning as such. The White House sure thinks he will be the nominee because they have also focused all their attacks on all media platforms on Romney.

The GOP Establishment though has been luke warm at best and downright desperate at worse and clearly do not want to throw their weight yet behind the flip flopping, moderate at best, Mormon candidate. They have thrown out all sorts of names over the preceding months – Mitch Daniels! Jeb Bush! Chris Christie! Chris Christie! Oh please oh please Chris Christie?! All to no avail.

Meanwhile some real clown shows have threatened to run or even HAVE run at least for part of the time meaning we were blessed with their less than stellar debate performances and subjected to enough media exposure to give us laughs a’plenty – Donald Trump (wtf?!), Sarah Palin (magical mystery bus tour – why?), Herman Cain, Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann.

But as the dust settles now that three primaries are done meaning we have ACTUAL VOTES counted vs just hype & speculation we are left with….

A different winner in all three. And the sounds of the GOP weeping.

They were right of course, the really staunch religiously driven conservatives can’t wrap their support around Romney. In Iowa that translated to a Rick Santorum victory and in South Carolina the roulette wheel landed on Newt Gingrich.

As unlikely as ANY victory by Rick Santorum may have seemed last year, he makes much more sense to me as the ultra right wing conservative choice than Newt does.

GOP voters are so desperate NOT to choose Romney that they would seriously consider Newt? I’m floored. One uber-Christian SC voter wrote on her Facebook wall that it was about redemption and forgiveness. Really?! You do realize it is not MERELY that he has been married three times, or that he cheated on each wife, right?  (I suppose these COULD be forgiveable as long as you apply the same level of generosity to everyone else as well)

To ME – and to many of the not forgiving GOP voters who I know, the BIG issue is that he was schtupping his third wife will leading the charge against Clinton for the VERY SAME OFFENSE! AND…AND…that he cheated on both wives AND filed for divorce from them WHEN THEY WERE SICK! That’s just a few too many marriage vows to be breaking repeatedly there buddy.

Some folks have a 7 year itch – Gingrich has an 18 year itch. Calista is good for another 6, tops.

So anyway, back to poor old Mitt. A very very decent candidate on paper. Tons of money at his disposal. He’s won some, he’s lost some, but he’s cool under pressure and handles himself well in debates (when he isn’t touching opponents or offering them $10,000 bets). His flip flopping to me is par for any politician’s course  – yeah I can argue that his is pretty damn extensive, but…eh. I do prefer someone who reads the tea leaves and knows when it’s time to change vs being resolute in their wrong headed stances (cough *Bush* cough). And I know if he GOT elected he most likely would tack to the center because he pretty much does move with the wind.

IOW – while he would never get my support, and there is much he does claim he would do that scares me – he is the least offensive of the bunch. Which is why he WOULD be formidable opponent. He can appeal to the middle. The trouble is, the Republican party has very little middle right now.

So this primary season that everyone predicted would be wrapped up with 3 straight victories by Romney after South Carolina will drag on . And? Polling which had Romney way ahead in Florida is tightening up. Newt is closing in there.

Never thought I would say this but, PLEASE, Florida conservatives, choose the one who REALLY supports and LIVES your values – Rick Santorum. Or, if what you are looking for is electability, then vote Romney. PLEASE.

OTOH….if you vote for Ron Paul, then it would be 4 winners in 4 primaries and the season would just get even sillier.

And all that much more fun!

I need more popcorn.


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