IS there an adult in the room?

So I’m having fun watching my DC Media Twitter list today. In the last hour or so it’s blown up with the news that President Obama wants to speak in front of a joint session of Congress next week. My interpretation of those events is as follows:

POTUS sends a text message to Speaker Boehner: “Hey John, can I come over and play at your house next week?”

Boehner: “Sure Barack, no problem. I’ll be back home from vacation on Tuesday. When do you want to come over?”

POTUS: “Wednesday at 8 ok?”

Boehner: “Sure! See ya then!”

POTUS to his buddies in the room “Heh, he fell for it. We can head on over at the same time that his Gang is having a meeting to initiate their next Leader who will challenge me! How’s that for a way to distract the media?!”

The letter from POTUS requesting the Joint Session invitation is sent to the media for dissemination. Media begins freaking over the conflict. Specifically the couple of outlets who were running the Gang Initiation event. Of course, this is going to be one of DOZENS that will be held in the next 18 months, but still…FREAK OUT!

Boehner’s buddies whisper in his ear that he kinda sorta got played.

Boehner to the freaking out media: “MOM!! Wait, no, I never said Barack could come over on Wednesday night!! No way! That wasn’t MEEEEE!”

Boehner sends letter to POTUS making an excuse that they will be too busy on Wednesday night to clean up in time for him to come over, and hey, how about Thursday night instead?

That letter is released to the media.

Media checks Thursday night schedule…..NFL OPENING NIGHT!!! No WAY! POTUS can’t conflict with the NFL opener!!

Commence new round of freak outs.

And all of this creates jobs, how?



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