An honest question for the disillusioned Democrats

In Democratic voter circles – somewhere between folks like me who have no qualms about supporting Obama again and the Emoprogs who want to primary Obama (read that link, it’s a great round up of the anti-Obama voices from the left) – exists voters who are not quite AS mad at Obama as the Emoprogs, but also cannot truly embrace supporting him again. I’ve seen a couple of tweets already about hanging up on callers from the OFA trying  to recruit volunteers & get donations for Obama ’12. Even though these folks did knock on doors in 08, they just cannot do it again in ’12 because they feel Obama has not been looking out for them. While I don’t agree completely, I do GET why they feel that way. But then, here’s my truly honest question. – so what WILL you do?

While you wont spend the energy pounding the pavement for him or spend your $ donating – will you still vote for him?

I’m genuinely curious because I get your conundrum. You are all smart enough and your memories are long enough to know that a 3rd party challenge such as what happened in 2000 will potentially hand the White House to the GOP and I know you don’t WANT that. You are Democrats after all and you do believe in Democratic values and many of you have spent a lot of time & energy trying to get Democrats elected. So I am sure you are feeling extremely conflicted.

What will you do?



  1. I’ve been giving this a lot of thought lately. It’s not that I don’t like Obama. I admire him greatly and wish the democrats had worked more towards supporting the things he set out to do when he was elected. I’m just disgusted with our government and both parties in general. More and more I wonder what it might be like if every elected position was limited to one term. I’ve heard the arguments about keeping good people in office, etc. However, I also think too much of what has been going on lately is related to the desire to be reelected and make a career out of being an elected official rather than a desire to do what the people want/need. Perhaps it’s time for people to serve their time and then go home. It might take away some of the power of the corporations as well, but I could just be dreaming.

    I am, as you mentioned, smart enough and have a memory long enough to know that a 3rd party challenge could really mess things up. I have no answers for you right now other than I’m glad I have time to think about it. It is likely, given no other choice that excites me enough to change, I will not only vote for Obama, but spend a little energy or $ in my support of him.

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