Bait and switch

I have a question for GOP voters who helped the wave of red take over the state legislatures and the House of Representatives in DC – why did you vote for Republicans in November?

According to ALL media reports last summer & leading up to the election, the topic on EVERYONE’s mind was the economy. The soon to be Speaker John Boehner loved to get in front of the camera and say “jobs, jobs jobs!” Every new employment report prompted him to find a microphone and accuse the President and Democrats of preventing the economy from recovering (let’s not quibble about how it was his party in charge when the economy tanked in the first place) with their “Tax & spend & regulations” that destroyed private sector expansion & discouraged employers from hiring. Yes, the usual GOP economic trickle down theory in full force. Fine, that’s their mantra. They live & die by it. Hey are the party of Big Business & Small Government. This is not new.

However, now that we are five months into the voters giving them yet another chance to right the ship, what has happened? Well they have successfully convinced Obama to extend the high income tax cuts (something he did not want to do). They also have pushed for and received many spending cuts in relation to appropriations budgets for this year and are pushing hard for drastic spending cuts for next fiscal year. Somehow though, that hasn’t yet boosted job creation in the private sector. Today’s job report was disappointing even though it did reflect a net gain in jobs, it was much lower than hoped and unemployment went up again to 9.1%

And again Boehner rushed out to blame Obama.

Well, Mr Speaker, I think you better start looking in mirror, right?

What exactly have YOU and YOUR party done to create even one job?

But hey, it isn’t all bad. I actually understand why there hasn’t been any job creation yet. Because you guys have been VERY successful on another issue that was SO CRITICAL to voters in November: abortion!

A month ago (meaning these stats are low compared to today most likely) there were 919 abortion related laws under debate across 49 states and Congress. 919!!  Thirty three were enacted into law in the month of April alone.

(Keep Mother Jones bookmarked for their excellent ongoing coverage on this anti-abortion trend)

For state by state breakdown of the laws proposed, bookmark the Guttmacher Institute site – excellent resource. Here is a key paragraph:

“As a whole, the proposals introduced this year are more hostile to abortion rights than in the past: 56% of the bills introduced so far this year seek to restrict abortion access, compared with 38% last year. Three topics—insurance coverage of abortion, restriction of abortion after a specific point in gestation and ultrasound requirements—are topping the agenda in several states. At the same time, legislators are proposing little in the way of proactive initiatives aimed at expanding access to reproductive health –related services; this stands in sharp contrast to recent years when a range of initiatives to promote comprehensive sex education, permit expedited STI treatment for patients’ partners and ensure insurance coverage of contraception were adopted. For the moment, at least, supporters of reproductive health and rights are almost uniformly playing defense at the state level.”

That’s right – NO measure to expand access to family planning or birth control – all the focus in fact is on taking that away along WITH restricting abortion as much as is legally possible.

I already posted a rant about the attack on Planned Parenthood attempted by Congress. That one failed at the Federal level, but the states are continuing the push.

I wont, in this post anyway, go into how this is a blatant attack on women’s rights. How the growing population of poor families, often in households with just one (typically) female parent is having their access to low cost or free medical care removed under the guise of protecting life. How even something as basic as the definition of rape is again being challenged to somehow justify forcing a woman to keep a rapists baby. Because, hey, rape is inevitable, right? Just buy abortion insurance like you would carry a spare tire in case of a flat!  Yeah, that story is so awful that I would normally write off that douchebag as a fringe anomaly, but unfortunately while he is extreme – he is no longer THAT extreme! And he better apologize. And lose his job.

But, I digress…..

The point is, dear GOP voters (I know, according to my reader poll, none visit here, but indulge me) – is this what you voted for? Did you vote for Republicans hoping they would control spending and the debt & magically create jobs without tax increases or increased spending? Or, did you just buy into their Jobs Jobs Jobs mantra and not care HOW they did it, just so long as they did it? You wanted the debt/deficits reduced and the economy stimulated, right? THAT was your main reason for going to the polls in November. As is almost always the case, you were voting with your wallets right?

So tell me – do you see what is happening here? Do you see that you fell for the old bait and switch?

Pardon the crude imagery here, but you do realize that you voted with the bulge in the back of your pants, but that the GOP is legislating with the bulge in the FRONT, right?


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