The audacity of…audacity!

James O’Keefe – fresh off of yet another hack/spin job of videos aimed at NPR – which resulted in two people losing their jobs – NEEDS YOUR HELP (where, “help” = $$)!

“It cost us about $50,000 when all is said and done to produce the NPR video,” O’Keefe said. “If you help us raise over $50,000, it will go toward our next video — after we pay off our credits cards, of course.”

The poor dear! I mean, it doesn’t seem to matter that YET AGAIN, once the FULL videos were released (AFTER people lost their jobs), it becomes very clear that the first sets seen by the public were heavily edited & cut to completely twist not only the intent behind the NPR exec’s words, but even to PUT words into his own mouth by chopping the conversation & re-arranging it. Heck, in one case the NPR exec is quoting someone else, but gosh that little detail was removed. A simple oversight I am sure. So, of course it costs $50,000! I’m sure most of that was used to pay a video/sound engineer to splice it all together to create what O’Keefe desired.

The really amusing part of the email to his supporters begging asking for money, is that he also wants them to take a survey where questions like these are asked:

“Do you think the mainstream media will have to embrace the tactics used by James O’Keefe’s The Project Veritas to be credible in the future?”

Because the mainstream media really needs to start acting like O’Keefe and use tactics mirroring Ashton Kucher’s Punk’d strategy of filming celebrities falling for elaborate practical jokes in order to be taken seriously, right? It’s just so darn impossible to report the news in any other way other than to spin/lie/set people up. Who needs to get college degrees in journalism anyway?! You just need a video camera and a pimp suit and a good editing program and you can get down to the REAL STORY on anyone and anything! Forget investigative work. Forget actual FACTS and verifying them. That’s old school! Everybody must get Punk’d!


But hey, O’Keefe has inspired me! I’ve incurred credit card debt too. And I can assure that I did it WITHOUT punking anyone! Yes, I have been complete honest in all of my spending. It was NOT used to get a single person fired. My spending has NOT resulted in the loss of anyone’s job. So, I should get rewarded for that good behavior, right?  I mean, if he can have the chutzpah to beg for money to continue his dishonest ways that ruin people’s lives, I can ask for help for being good, right? You guys would all help me pay off my credit card debt too, wouldn’t you?!

And hey – if you “donated” to my credit card payoff fund, at least you wouldn’t feel like you had been Punk’d!


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