IOKIYAR, continued

Following up on yesterday’s post – the NPR executive caught on tape calling the Tea Party racist was already on their way out & that resignation was simply accelerated. However, now the company who had hired him away has withdrawn their job offer to him so he is officially unemployed completely.

One job lost.

Also, the NPR President was just ousted today by their Board of Directors.

Two jobs lost.

Probably my favorite tweet all morning about this:

RT @petenicely: NPR employee calls Tea Partiers racist. NPR’s President resigns. Glenn Beck calls the President racist. Fox News…

Right – as is ALWAYS the case it seems – liberals end up apologizing/quitting/getting fired while conservatives deny/defy/shrug off any controversy.  Both sides get criticized the media (though both will argue the other one gets a pass, they really don’t usually, it’s the reactions that are different), both sides have politicians that do/say stupid things, but Democrats always lose their jobs, and Republicans almost always keep theirs. Think of the most recent spate of GOP sex scandals. The *only* one who resigned right away was Freshman Congressman Christopher Lee. Every other one denied/defied and then stayed in their elected position at least until the next cycle. Some decided not to re-run, but those that DID go ahead and run again? Were, RE-ELECTED!!

Because: (say it with me now) IOKIYAR.


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