This will seem quite obscure to many, but we who live & breathe political intrigue on the internet are very aware of this face:

As my friend said when he tweeted this photo – post this in all liberal or allegedly liberal organizations!

James O’Keefe is a conservative activist whose modus opperandi is the hidden camera sting. His latest one involves NPR and right on cue, GOP lawmakers are calling for the removal of any federal funding to that organization. Doesn’t matter that the employee caught with his foot in his mouth had already tendered his resignation, or that once the video came out NPR terminated him on the spot. No, base on that one candid hidden camera tape – which will probably show a whole different story once the whole thing is viewed in context – an entire organization is under attack.

But this isn’t new. Young master O’Keefe has quite the track record of taking places down.

The ACORN videos all since investigated in their entirety and proving NO illegal activity by the employees of that organization? Resulted in the removal of funding for ACORN and ultimately the disbanding of it entirely. Jobs = LOST. Lovely. Hidden camera, heavily edited, essentially prank videos impact real lives.

In an attempt to do – well, what we are not sure – at Senator Mary Landrieu’s office in Lousiana, he was caught while attempting to tamper with her office phones. He plead guilty to a misdemeanor and paid a fine. Indirectly, thanks to some not terribly high quality reaction/reporting on that incident, David Shuster lost his job at MSNBC.

Then O’Keefe was discovered to be plotting some kind of hidden camera sexual encounter with a female CNN reporter. About the only result of that is that his previous major funding source – Andrew Breitbart (responsible for the heavily edited video that took down Agricultural employee Shirley Sherrod) – fired O’Keefe from his paid staff.

Clearly though, those two botched incidences haven’t stopped him given the current NPR brouhaha.

Coincidentally there is a series of hidden camera videos out attacking Planned Parenthood (again, the original ones in 06-07 were O’Keefe specialties too) just as the GOP is pushing for a complete elimination of funds to them as I wrote about last week.

So here’s the thing. Let’s contrast that with the prank phone call that was made to GOP Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin where he fell for someone posing as billionaire David Koch, a big time source of donations to GOP candidates. In the context of the struggle between Walker & the public employees unions that is still going on, the biggest impact of that prank is that, perhaps, public opinion swayed more towards the union workers after the tapes were released. However, it is still entirely possible for Walker to get his way and suffer no real consequence of that prank call.

Naturally, conservatives DERIDED the prank caller & his underhanded methods.

Naturally, they EMBRACE James O’Keefe.

Also? Their pranks work. People lose their jobs, organizations disappear, and even though the pranks are often revealed later for their truly dishonest/sleazy methods, the results remain. And the media falls for it, hook line & sinker every damn time. Mostly because they always get top billing on Fox.


This has been another edition of: It’s Ok If You’re A Republican.



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