I take back any hint that I think Mike Huckabee could be pragmatic. He’s not. He’s a full on After-Birther. He doubled down today by speaking more about Obama’s childhood (admitting that he wasn’t raised in Kenya – he meant to say INDONESIA).  HIs inference that “we don’t know nearly about his upbringing” is ridiculous given that – hey, isn’t there a book called “Dreams of My Father” that pretty much details Obama’s entire childhood and how he saw his dad a total of TWICE before the elder Obama died? A childhood that, yes, was partly spent in Indonesia, but in which he was raised by his mother and grandparents for the bulk of the time (including high school) in Hawaii. I mean – to that end Mr Huckabee, what do we know about YOUR upbringing? Whatever you tell us, right? Which is good enough I suppose. Certainly personal accounts of childhood events have been good enough for every OTHER political candidate. Oh, and why do you insist in saying words like “Madrassa” when all rumors claiming Obama attended one in Indonesia have been proven as false as the phony birth certificate tale? Nope – you are another delusional loon.

Again – will ANY GOP candidate be able to win the nomination without playing to this lunatic base?


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