Fair and balanced evidence

Screen cap of Fox website yesterday

No slant there eh? Gosh no! I mean, look at those hate speech filled signs! “Bring back the Middle Class!” – truly scary thought for the right wing. “We the People vs Corporations!” – practically a declaration of war on the GOP/Corporation Party. “UNIONS. Of the People. By the People. For the People!” – communism at it’s finest, right?

And the violence! Must have been horrifying right? The police must have been overwhelmed!

Wait. No arrests were made you say? The police marched peacefully WITH the over 100k crowd of union supporters you say?

Gosh – makes it seem as if Fox was pushing a particular point of view and making things up to support that position huh? Nah! Not Fox. They are the only Fair & Balanced News channel presenting you with the ONLY FACTS YOU NEED TO KNOW!

(Where, Facts = Fantasy)


One comment

  1. I think Fox shed their Fair & Balanced act in favor of “so brash, so bold” or something like that. Makes them more honest in their so brash and so bold lies. Or something like that. 😉

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