More Sunday show bias

Yes, it’s only Thursday, but the bulk of the lineup for the weekend is set. Yes, there is still time for the networks to make an adjustment. However, it is truly pathetic that, at this point, with the biggest national story still being the protests in Wisconsin pitting labor unions against the GOP governor – there is not ONE labor representative scheduled to be on ANY show.  Gov Walker has a platform on Meet the Press. Gov Christie (why?) is featured on Face the Nation.

No coverage of the ruling that favored the Health Care Act, no coverage of the Labor voices on the Sunday shows. Is it any wonder that 1 in 5 think the Health Care Act has *already* been repealed? At least Chuck Todd (co host of the Daily Rundown which ignored the positive judicial ruling yesterday), tweeted that the media was culpable for that statistic. Yep, you sure are Chuck. You and all your colleagues & all your broadcast & cable network friends.

The dumbing down of America has GOT to be stopped!


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