More media slant/fail

Leaving the Fox Right Wing State TV channel out of this, let’s take a quick peak into CNN & MSNBC today shall we?

Late yesterday, a Federal Judge upheld the constitutionality of the Health Care Act & the mandate program specifically. The last time a judgment on the Health Care Act came out was when a Florida judge ruled it was unconstitutional. When the Florida case came in, there were headlines screaming at the top of both the MSNBC & CNN websites that stuck around all that day and the next. The MSNBC morning show The Daily Rundown which I watch every day had it as their lead story the next morning. This morning? Not ONE SEGMENT on the new ruling. Not a peep, not a mention. On the websites? NOTHING!

Now, do I think that this means that MSNBC & CNN are right wing slanted like Fox? No. I think they are DRAMA slanted. Anything to make the sitting President squirm. But I also realize I may be being much too generous about this. Because even in all those articles about the law being ruled unconstitutional, they never mentioned the rulings prior to that upholding it. Essentially, the various state & district judges have been splitting rulings on the HCA. It’s just that the only ones actually REPORTED to the public are the negative ones.

Massive, massive, media FAIL.



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