A couple of signs of a dictatorship

A few things in common I’ve noticed as the Middle East continues to demonstrations in Bahrain, Iran & Libya (possibly more?). Sure, you have what *sounds* like a Democracy with your leader being called a President, but if he’s been “elected” for over 30+ years with 80% of the vote? That might be a Dictatorship. If the next logical person to succeed him is always his son? Yeah, that too. Also, if there is a State TV? Yeah, not so Democratic. Watching Gaddafi’s son talk today on “Libya State TV” and then hearing him sound eerily like Mubarak (and hey, even Gov Walker of Wisconsin had similarities in his tone) with his delusion that this was NOT a people’s uprising, but something created by outside media & interests. That the people were “drunk & obviously on drugs”. Whoo boy! Delusion is a wondrous thing eh? Also another sign of a Dictator.

Fascinating times this year 2011!


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