Sunday show bias

@rkref: After the greatest foreign policy event in years, none of Sun shows has a representative of WH, State, military or intel agencies

@stevebenen Sunday shows: 2 GOP Sens, 3 GOP House reps, 3 GOP Pres hopefuls, 0 Dems from Congress or admin typical

An excerpt from Benens piece (linked above):

“MAYBE MCCAIN FIGURED OUT WHO’S ON THE ‘RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY’…. I really have retired my ongoing count of John McCain’s Sunday show appearances. I’m sure folks have gotten the point — Sunday show bookers continue to be obsessed with McCain, and they shouldn’t be.

And with that in mind, I won’t mention that the senator is making his 29th appearance in the last two years this morning, just like I also won’t mention that McCain will be on “Face the Nation” for the second time in just four weeks.”

Back in 2007, Media Matters issued a report on the head count of conservative vs liberal guests on the big Sunday shows (CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox).  The three major broadcast networks & the leading cable news source.  These shows frequently capture viewers who don’t tune in to any nightly news programs, but catch up on the week of politics & major events in an hour on Sunday mornings. Now, yes, Media Matters was *looking* as it always does, for a rightward favoring slant. BUT – I read this report and even if you pulled out the talking heads – opinion writers or tv analysts whose biases might not be so clear – it still heavily favored the GOP. Just counting actual elected officials or former elected officials, GOP voices had a heavier sampling. Now, when this report came out, the networks did respond by using the reason(excuse) that it was because the GOP had been in power. OK, fine.

But, what about from 2008-present?

I don’t know and I am not sure I am up to wanting to keep track week after week, BUT, when I do pay attention I’d say this really hasn’t changed. Look at those two tweets at the top. Not one SINGLE Democrat.

What would be the networks excuse this time?

And the bigger issue: Not one SINGLE current voice from the state department or military on Egypt right after a huge revolution there.

If that doesn’t illustrate how truly awful the quality of programming in regards to covering real news is, well, I don’t know what more you need to see.

I know that it is AWESOME that we have a free press. Now, I just wish we could have a truly INDEPENDENT press and even more critically, an INFORMATIVE press who values getting the TRUTH out above any and all corporate or political interests.

A girl can dream 🙂




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