CNN Spin and Fail

What a complete failure! At no point in Mubarak’s speech did the people cheer! Of course, I’m listening to Al Jazeera so I was hearing raw reaction. The anchors translated right away to say that the crowd was chanting “Leave Leave Leave NOW!” You are telling me no one on the ground at CNN or listening in was able to translate the same thing? It is now an hour after the speech and I just snapped that screen cap so it is not like they just missed it – they are standing by the statements they have apparently made on TV and here online that the protesters cheered!! Every single correspondent I’ve heard on AJ either in Cairo or Alexandria has reported that the people on the ground were NOT cheering. They were reacting in frustration & anger. The speech did not cause people to go home – they are all still out there growing louder and louder and more determined now to march to the President’s palace and storm it! Mubarak was already known to not seek reelection. That was expected to be announced in May and it was expected he would essentially annoint his son to succeed him (with totally fair and open elections to follow I am sure – HAH)  Seriously – how is that a President “standing down” and people “cheering”?!

CNN has also been pushing the Muslim Brotherhood angle and keeps asking about Al Queda. No fear mongering going on there eh?

Your So Called Liberal Media at work folks. Forget Liberal or Conservative – at this point I would just appreciate ACCURATE!!!


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