1300 channels of FLUFF

Last night I thought I would try to keep up with the goings on in Egypt on the full sized TV instead of having to stream news online. CNN had repeats of their prime time Anderson Cooper & Piers Morgan shows which were Egypt centered, but…these were already old news. There was NOT ONE CABLE CHANNEL that was doing ANY live news! Not ONE! Out of 1300!! What the heck Time Warner? And really, what the heck American media? Maybe this is why we’ve fallen behind in education? I know I know, you can’t blame shitty news for low math scores, but my GOD….an entire segment of the world is staging revolutions to overthrow dictator style governments and the only people who can really see and understand these historical events are those people who have access to the internet? How are we EVER supposed to break out of our self centered world? But hey – if I needed to know the latest about Charlie Sheen’s rehab stint? Oh, you had THAT well covered! And really Wolf Blitzer? Really? On your show today did you REALLY ask the reporter on scene if Al Queda was behind the protests? REALLY? These have been going on for days, anyone who has watched with even a passing interest has clearly seen that there is no one group, religious or otherwise, leading these demonstrations…it’s not a rally FOR anyone it’s a rally AGAINST the existing President. And you, a supposedly well respected so called journalist asked THAT question? No media fear mongering there at all, right? Thank heavens Ben Wedman set you straight pretty forcefully on that line of spin.

Bottom line – IF a news station WAS covering Egypt live at all, they were pretty soundly screwing it up. Oh yay. Back to Al Jazeerha English.


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