Income growth rates chart

Source = This Slate article and the chart comes from Visualizing Economics – a new favorite site of mine 🙂

Again – I wish the DC media and the White House would highlight items like this chart and the ones I posted previously. The cutesy D = Drive & R = Reverse lines are just that – cutesy. They don’t TELL apathetic or frustrated voters anything. For voters who aren’t die hard partisan, they need facts & charts & numbers to help them see how their vote impacts their wallet. It really is crazy to expect what was a nearly 10 year economic slide to be turned around in 18 mos. But that’s pretty much what everyone on either side is screaming about. And the thing is – the economy IS moving, ever so slowly, upwards. It’s just not moving up as fast as it slid. But it IS moving up. Let’s not forget one of my other favorite charts – The Bikini Graph:

All sector jobs as of Aug 10

For those eyeing private sector jobs specifically (though I don’t know why, because jobs are..hey..JOBS..whether govt or private!) – here is the Private Sector Only Bikini Graph:

Private jobs thru Aug 10

Still moving in the right direction no matter how you slice it.

I’m sure as hell not about to give up on policies which ARE working and risk putting leadership back into the hands of people with ideas that almost certainly WILL set us back again. I’m also NOT discouraged and NOT apathetic. I’m voting – and my vote will be to keep those blue lines moving in the direction that helps everyone, even those who don’t vote for them 😉



  1. These are great. I think I’ll check out your new favorite site. Maybe it will help with something I’m trying to find (and haven’t had much luck yet).

    I was watching something on the news the other day and caught a blurb about the expiration of the Bush tax cuts that the Republicans don’t want to expire because, they say, it will hurt small businesses and that will mean less hiring, etc. Someone pointed out that the majority of small businesses are medical (doctors) and law (lawyers) practices, most of whom it won’t kill to pay some taxes. I’ve been trying to find a chart, graph or something which lays out the types of small businesses to see if that is true or not.

    1. I’ll watch for that too, but the counter that I’ve heard to that argument many times already is that small businesses already HAVE enough money. Lending has loosened and companies are sitting on cash. The reason they are not expanding is due to lack of demand. CONSUMERS are not spending at the same rates – which long term is good because savings rates are, finally, going up in relation to consumer credit. The problem is that with consumers such as you and I perhaps tightening their purse strings to save our own cash flows – businesses have no reason to expand and hire. So at this point it is not businesses which need a break – it’s us. Unemployment benefits, tax rates for the middle class etc etc. WE need the help, not small business (and how small are you if your NET is higher than $250k?)

  2. Hm. So the unemployment rate is down around 9% right now and we’re supposed to be happy?

    Back when Bush was in office, people were complaining about a 6% unemployment rate. Now you’re cheering for Obama when it drops from 10% to 9%? How stupid are you?

    1. Missed those rules didn’t you Brian? Calling someone stupid does not help with respectful debate.

      Was it 6% when Bush left office? Those job losses started when he was still there (that would be the red lines).

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