Memo to the Lamestream Media – quit giving her air!

The nation’s most famous former (half) governor causes ripples whenever she tweets or posts a facebook status. She is quite adept at using those 140 twitter characters to shine a very effective spotlight on herself for good or for bad.  Here’s the tweet that started the latest buzz this week:

She sent a link with her own commentary added to it which was clearly an endorsement of the writer’s views. Now, her commentary is not controversial at all. However, the article she links to IS thanks to this section:

The comparison of Hitler’s actions to Obama’s is, to me, just ludicrous. It relies on a belief that the Obama administration’s actions were done with the motivation of reducing freedom and violating the Constitution to grab power. People who start off their arguments from that conspiracy theory point of view immediately sully their argument. They make these comparisons to create fear. I am 100% confident that these same people would be in full support of a Republican administration taking these same actions under these same conditions. By sharing these article, particularly with her supportive commentary about it, Ms Palin has indeed endorsed these theories. I’m sure she could have found another write about critical of the BP fund that did not make the Hitler comparison. But she chose this one. In the world of twitter, that is an explicit endorsement of those ideas. She does not seem to get that as evidenced by this follow up tweet after the reaction to her endorsement hit the media:

I didn’t read or hear anyone say that SHE made the comparison. She’s right about that, she didn’t make it. However, she did ENDORSE an article that did. No one made that up.

If you retweet someone elses tweet without comment – well, that could mean anything. You are simply sharing because something is interesting, or ridiculous, or just plain funny. But without any commentary it’s hard to tell. There is a bit of an *implied* endorsement for sure. At least a recommendation that “hey, all my followers should check this out! Worth a read” kind of thing. Same with a link to an article. If you simply post a link to your followers, it implies that you are reading it too & you thought others should put their eyeballs on it.

If you retweet or post a link WITH commentary though (preferred), you can be clear about your intentions & opinion on the topic. So Ms Palin did the right thing. She was quite clear how she felt.

Maybe she rather stupidly thought she could get away with highlighting a Hitler/Obama comparison with no backlash. She read it – thought “Heck yeah!”, hit send on twitter and didn’t give it another thought.  It’s entirely possible because it surely seems like she never does think beyond that “Heck yeah!” moment at any time. A more media savvy person would have perhaps nodded to themselves, but then gone on to find a less sensationalistic write up and shared that one.

Or, maybe she really has simply degraded into a media whore who needs to stay in the spotlight no matter what the circumstances. And if that’s the case, then I will make my own appeal to the Lamestream Media: Stop giving her what she wants please! To this point her contribution to the public discourse has been the completely fabricated Death Panel nonsense, energy policy ideas that even Bill O’Reilly rolled his eyes over, and this Obama=Hitler endorsement. She’s dumbing DOWN the debate (as if that’s possible) and earning lots of money doing that.

I know Keith Olbermann says he shines a light on her to expose her for the idiot she is (and she is). However, he’s preaching to the choir on that one. No one who is not watching him already thinks any differently about her. At this point the public has settled into whichever camp they are going to be in because she is so polarizing on her own. There’s hardly anyone undecided about how they think of her. There wont be any significant number of people changing their minds over nonsensical stuff like her tweets. So how about we start starving her eh? Remove her air. Marginalize her to the fringes where she belongs. On her ‘safe’ networks with the hosts who will soft ball questions to her and react with the appropriate amount of fawning adoration. Radio shows & TV shows where the viewers are already putty in her hands anyway. The more the *rest* of you lame stream folks cut her off, the less buzz she will create overall. Then maybe we wont have to call you Lame 🙂


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