How do we interpret this poll on the AZ Immigration Law?

From MSNBC’s First Read:

How do we interpret this? A majority of the country thinks that Arizona’s law is OK despite the fact that it means law enforcement are REQUIRED to ask for proof of legality without cause. Politifact verified that the law does NOT require the police to first be in the process of issuing a ticket or arresting someone before they ask for papers. Even Governor Brewer who signed the law has stated that SHE does not know how to define who “looks like an immigrant” and who does not. Without a clear definition of what constitutes grounds for suspicion, the police can (and probably should to avoid accusations of discrimination) ask everyone they encounter for any reason, right?! It’s a horrible situation for them. They can get sued if they DON’T enforce the law and ask for papers. That’s why the police on the streets (not the administrative heads of law enforcement) oppose this law. They already have enough problems getting citizens to cooperate & help out when crimes occur. Now anyone who even LOOKS Latino will HAVE to be asked for papers? Hell no they are not going to talk to the cops! And all it takes is ONE yahoo in a county to think the cops are NOT asking for papers enough to sue and then that county is wasting time and money over said lawsuit. Of COURSE illegals should be arrested. But at what overall coast to the state?

Look at the second part of that poll – people KNOW this will lead to discrimination. They KNOW, and still they support it! What does THAT say? Non-Latinos support the law in overwhelming numbers, knowing full well it will lead to discrimination of Latinos.

That is a rather sad indication of some serious racism in the country don’t you think? I honestly don’t know of any other way to interpret this! They KNOW the law will cross the line and yet they do not care.

As I said when I saw this poll released – they didn’t poll ME – or clearly just about everyone else I talk to. Yes, I know people want something done about illegal immigration, but this law is a poorly written, over emotional, borderline racist reaction to the inaction of the Federal Government.


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