I wish the CA reps had just stayed quiet!

Back during the endless weekend of CSPAN viewing as the Healthcare debate finally wound down, I was on twitter commenting back and forth on the proceedings with my political-geek buddies. At one point I noticed that while I had watched a parade of representatives stand up, I had yet to see ANY from San Diego County. From either side. Not a soul. At the time I was a little put out because I felt utterly un-represented. Even if the opinion expressed would be opposite of mine, I kind of wanted to hear one of them and just know they were THERE and participating you know?

Stupid me.

In the past week, all three SD County GOP reps have made their voices heard. And from my perspective, they have been Oh So Embarrassing!

From CA-49 just north of me we have Darrell Issa trying desperately to find a conspiracy behind the SEC’s charges against Goldman Sachs & the White House. Despite every single news source saying that between all of them there not one even anonymous insider from either party saying that the WH was informed about the SEC’s case. Not ONE. So basically there is no smoke and no fire, but Issa keeps getting on TV and declaring that there IS, there IS, there IS dammit and I want to investigate this!! Subpoenas! A hearing! OK OK, we’ll get right on that as soon as you finish up the hearings on Cheney & war crimes & the use of torture, got it?

From my very own CA-50 we have Brian Bilbray getting into the much ballyhooed Arizona immigration law pickle with an appearance on Hardball declaring that “Sure you can tell illegals by something other than race. You know, for instance, there’s their clothing and such. And their shoes.” Their shoes? Really Brian? You wont be the butt of any jokes over that one at all! Cue Jon Stewart in 3-2-1…

The latest is perhaps the best though. Further south of me we have the CA-52 district rep Duncan Hunter (jr). Yes, he is the son of that other Duncan Hunter who a few years ago was sounding about as xenophobic as Lou Dobbs. Well, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. And what he is advocating (deport children born here to illegal immigrant parents) is a violation of the constitution. Oh, but that doesn’t stop him! He’s doubling down on his position today. Now, I get the nuance in terms of, if you deport the parents, you don’t want to forcibly separate the family, but still, given his family history on the immigration topic and the delicate nature of this debate, it was a spotlight on San Diego that we did not need.

So, hey there, CA reps….you know how I asked you to speak up now and then just so I knew you were there?

Never Mind!/Emily Litella


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