Yet more Healthcare Reform

*** Made a mistake and posted a Health Care update on TFB – oopsie. ***

Quick hit and run – listening to the Senate now take up the debate and I find myself responding to the GOP’s claims with “Show me an example!” You know, like this handy tool from WAPO (new and improved with a COBRA option today!) which let’s citizens calculate how the bill will impact them. Is there something like this for a small business owner? Where they can put in their business revenues and then # of employees for instance? Because I am not so up to speed on their situations not being a business owner. I only know real life examples of personal coverage that I’ve outlined as far as adult children and pre-existing condition situations. So far today all the GOP today is doing is coming up with claims that it will ‘hurt small businesses & raise their taxes’. Fine – prove it. The bill is no longer being debated – it’s law. Read the law and apply it to a real life example. Because otherwise your claims are ringing hollow. Sounding more like sour grapes than a true attempt to improve the bill.And quit saying it’s a Government take over of health care! Not EVEN!!! Trust me, I’ve been listening to those on the left who are mad that it *isn’t*!!! Criticize the bill CONSTRUCTIVELY with real life examples and stop with the fear rhetoric. Otherwise you are only standing there right now proving what we Democrats have been saying all along – this is a political game to you and you are only determined to be obstructionists, not actually do anything for the people who voted for you.

*Maybe* the media will pick up on this? (hah!) Well, maybe they will since there are those handy calculators out there now.

I know – I’ve just asked entirely too much for the GOP and the Media. Yeah yeah.


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