I think the GOP needs a refresher course on hypocrisy

Last week Rachel Maddow did a segment on her show listing the names of many GOP Representatives who have trashed the stimulus bill, voted No on it and bragged about that, but then turned around and shown up at ribbon cuttings and photo opportunities handing out checks from the stimulus bill within their home district. Today on Meet The Press when this came up again while she was on a panel discussion with GOP Rep Aaron Shock of Illinois, Rep Shock defended his own case of doing exactly that by stating that once the bill passed, there was no way they were going to deny their constituency the benefits of that money “You didn’t send back your Bush tax cut back in 2002 did you?” was his Big Comeback.


Missed the point entirely didn’t you Mr Shock?

Now, let’s say that argued and voted against those Bush tax cuts back then. Then let’s say that I got my $300 refund (I remember that, and yes it was only $300 – not the $400 one that Obama gave everyone as I outline in my last post). Let’s say I took that $300 and bought a new purse. And took pictures of that purse and posted it on my blog bragging about having so much fun shopping with my Bush tax cut that I voted against. THAT would be called hypocrisy. Because I am bragging about how I used the money that I did not vote for. Instead, like most citizens, that money went to pay down a credit card balance, or into savings. Quietly. No fanfare. As you said, once it is voted into place, you are not going to deny your constituents the money. And I wasn’t going to reject my rebate. But I also wasn’t going to brag about how it was used. THAT is the part that makes you a hypocrite. The bragging. The ribbon cutting. The photo op with the big stimulus plan check issued to your local fire department. Making it APPEAR as if YOU got this for them. Which you didn’t. You argued against it and voted No. Which was your right and I completely understand why you did that coming from the GOP point of view as you do. I do not begrudge you THAT, nor do I think Rachel does at all. Where you lose your credibility is then in trumpeting how those funds were used in your district and by subtly taking CREDIT for it.

That, dear GOP politicians who meet this criteria is when you became, as Rachel put it “A word that starts with an ‘h’, ends with ‘crite’ and rhymes with ‘bipocrite'”


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