Senate passes something – finally!

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I was already cautiously on board with the Senate bill, even after my obvious frustration at Reid/Lieberman etc & the things that had been stripped out while they negotiated to reach the magic 60 votes. I read the very good back and forth between Nate Silver & Markos on the merits of killing the bill vs not and found myself sigind with Nate. Yes, despite the fact that Keith Olbermann, Howard Dean, Jane Hamsher et al were some powerful voices on the left arguing against it. However, if I was still undecided or leaning towards killing it, I think seeing a chart like this one I found this morning would have tipped me to supporting it anyway. Numbers matter & these are the kinds I like to see showing help in easing the burned on citizen’s wallets.

This is still not the final version that will be signed of course. Reconciliation with the house is still out there & more changes will certainly be made. But as long as it keeps pushing things in the right direction – more people covered at less out of pocket cost to them. Overall long term reduction of the national debt. Caps on administrative portions of insurance premiums. No more pre-existing condition exclusions. Subsidies for those who truly cannot afford even the most basic plans. Well, I can live without a public option or expanded medicare – for now. No matter what passes it will be more than ANY President + Congress has been able to do to reform the system. I know it seems like *everyone* on the left is mad about it not going far enough, but that’s wrong. A LOT of us – perhaps just not with the megaphones the others have right now – believe that this bill is still better than the status quo.

Of course, media types like a good blood bath so you know who they are going to feature 🙂


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