Senate Democrats are pathetic

RT: @HunterDK: Breaking News: Senate agrees to drop healthcare reform from #HCR bill. Will be replaced with picture of Calvin peeing on you.

Hunter says it all. The news flying around the internet is that Senate Majority LeaderCapitulator Harry Reid has caved in to Joe Lieberman (damn you Al Gore!!!), and stripped the Senate’s version of Health Care reform into nothingness. No public option, no extension of Medicare buy in ability via age range extension – nothing. Nothing that will ensure at least a majority of the currently uninsured would have an easier path TO insurance. Now, I’m no liberal firebrand working for Jane Hamsher, but even *I* am outraged by this stupidity. When you are handed a *real* mandate (not like the one Bush imagined he had in ’04)…then USE IT.

And I’m not entirely thrilled with the White House right now either because I am quite certain that some arm twisting by the folks there would get things done.

Makes me wonder what they really WANT to get done.

Obama is risking a Clintonian failure if he doesn’t make things turn around in that Senate chamber but FAST!

I’m really beginning to loathe Connecticut voters. And I don’t loathe easily. Grrrrrrrrrr.


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