More ACORN fantasies

This screen shot is from Public Policy Polling after the conducted a poll on how many people believed that ACORN had stolen the election for Obama.

I will again point out that ACORN has been guilty of voter *registration* fraud. Submitting a registration card for Mickey Mouse (which is a real example). However, it’s not like Mickey Mouse showed up and cast a VOTE! Also in those registration fraud cases (which happens when agencies pay people PER registration card they submit), there were, at most a few thousand bad cards. Not the over 9.5 million margin that existed in the 2008 Presidential election.

Also, in total, ACORN has only registered TWO million. TWO. So even IF you assume that ALL of those turned into votes for Obama – again, compare that to the 9.5 million vote margin.

Really, GOP, you have GOT to stop relying solely on Fox for your information!

Use a little common sense would ya? And you should see the inane comments on that PPP site. One fellow posited that EVERY Democrat who has won a *close* election (somehow still defining the McCain defeat as CLOSE?) did it through some sort of voter fraud or manipulation of the count or, or or….?? Because lord knows there is NO WAY a Democrat could outright WIN anything within the last decade, right?




  1. I watch FOX often (and randomly listen to a number of conservative talk radio shows) and have not heard the opinion that Accorn stole the election. The first time I have been exposed to that suggestion is in this post. You often bash FOX and each time it causes me to wonder if you ever watch FOX.

    1. Funny how you picked on a throwaway line – what about the results of the poll itself? I’ve heard people in conversation here joke about ACORN stealing the election for Obama – where do you think that idea comes from? Honestly this whole topic is amusing to me & of course I know that truly *thinking* Republicans are not buying this crap. Unfortunately, as I’m about to highlight in my next post – thinking Republicans are not running things right now. I wish they would.

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