Violent rhetoric cloaked in prayer

Look at these lovely hats and bumper stickers that you can buy! Oh so sweet and supportive, right? They are praying for our President. Hallelujah & pass the cookies!

Wait, what does Psalm 109.8 say anyway?

Ooooh. Perhaps not so sweet then. Thankfully they stopped at 109:8 or else they would have Secret Service going after them. 109:9 reads “Let his children be fatherless and his wife a widow.” Eeep!

So if you see that bumper sticker, you know it – it’s a Christian who is praying for Obama to not have many days in office. No word on if that simply means holding him to a single term or something else.

Considering the blog postings and internet forums that I stumbled into when I Googled Obama+109:8, well, let’s just say the people posting in there are not alluding to a 2012 election as a means of removing Obama from office. Of course they are not risking a visit from the SS, but they are also not quite skirting the issue all that well either.

Violent rhetoric. I wonder why people think that’s OK?

Ah. Nice. And when I first starting writing in here I opined that Hannity, Limbaugh, Dobbs and especially Beck had gone so looney tunes over the deep end with Obama in the White House that O’Reilly had started to seem *reasonable*!! I guess Bill O got tired of them taking up the crazy assed conservative limelight.

They speak of their FEAR of absolutely *everything* the Obama administration stands for (even if it something which they thought was a-ok when Bush was in office!).

You know what I fear?

I fear where all of this truly extremist rhetoric and tone in political debate (debate? I wish, it’s political bomb throwing at each other!) is leading. How does it end? Because it has to end somehow right? We cannot just keep escalating this shallow, divisive, do nothing rhetoric can we?




One comment

  1. I’d point out (i know he’s almost out of office so it’s belated) that those bumper stickers a) allow people to voice their opinions, which are legally protected so far as I know, b) don’t outright say Obama sucks or needs to be impeached or shot or any number of other things that would probably make democrats and liberals in general soil their pants in outrage that someone disagrees with them c) is probably as much tongue-in-cheek as not (at least that was my thought) d) is no worse than people say without using religious terms e) arguably DEFUSES a situation (someone who voices a negative opinion is less likely to act on it than someone who either bottles it up or keeps it quiet with the intent on acting on it and f) is neither violent nor an implication of any action to be taken; I’m sure you’re not aware of this but generally the act of committing something to prayer by people of any religion (possibly with the exception of conservative Muslims (read: ISIS, etc) implies that it is out of the hands of the individual making the prayer – therefore what these people are saying, in essence, is that they don’t like Obama, they don’t want to see him in office, and there’s really nothing they can do about it.

    Like most liberals, it appears as though you like to take something that disagrees with you and make it out to be some horrible threat to be stomped out or feared, rather than just a simple disagreement. I may be wrong; I can only go by what you wrote, I can’t read your mind.

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