A test of the WND->Faux News alert system!

This is the current headline on the World Nut Daily site (no, I wont link there):



Per this article in the Washington Independent, this headline and allegation are, of course, false.  As it states, Major Hasan had no more influence on advising the administration than anyone who writes a letter to the editor of the local paper is “advising” that paper or it’s editors.

As we’ve already seen many times though, WND has become the feeder for topics on Fox “News”. Let’s see how long until that happens with this allegation. It was posted at 9:21am est – notice that the author is Jerome Corsi – well known writer of the Swift Boat lies against John Kerry.  A reliable source of course! (argh). If you have the stomach for watching Fox – let me know when this story airs 😉


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