Politics & Entertainment

One of these things is not like the other. And I really don’t care! They are both quite easy on the eyes 🙂

While watching Hardball last night, I saw an interview with Barry Levinson who did a documentary on Politics+Hollywood called Poliwood. As anyone who even follows politics in a surface way has probably heard – watch out for those Hollywood Liberal elites! The documentary shows celebrities at both the ’08 Democratic & Republican conventions and interviews them about why they are there. Most talk about just being curious & wanting to learn about the process. Some have specific issue focused activism that they want to support. Mostly they sound just like you and me – voting citizens who want to participate in the process. Naturally their celebrity gives them a platform and some of those obviously choose to use it. But really in the grand scheme of things, the percentage of politically active & open celebrities about who/what they support is not much different from the general population. It just seems louder since their voices reach further. And Levinson pointed out in the interview that being politically active does not HELP anyone’s career and is much more likely to hurt it. Why? Well because the people who buy their product are 50/50 split for the most part on most issues. So you risk alienating that part of the entertainment supporting fan base who don’t agree with you. Particularly those who are purists & will no longer go to your movies or buy your music if they don’t agree with you politically.

And those kinds of purists boggle my mind! (Ok, truthfully ALL purists boggle my mind but that’s another rant).  I read on another bloggers political site last year about a list she keeps of the celebrities she can no longer support due to their political activism. I just could not wrap my brain around that. Do you not know that all during your daily life you somehow directly or indirectly “support” people from all political walks of life? Now, I get it when someone crosses a line – as Jane Fonda did during the Vietnam War. I was too young to know what was up, but I do remember my dad being just horrified at her “traitorous actions” and truly understanding why he couldn’t see a movie with her in it after that. But as far as I know, no one has gone anywhere near that in my politically active lifetime. But can you really no longer enjoy Barbara Streisand’s voice & songs because of her political views? Are George Clooney or Tom Selleck any less fun to watch because of theirs?

Shoot, I’m a HUGE sports fan, and I know that the vast majority of sports team owners/execs/players & announcers lean to the right. OTOH, I have an irrational loathing of Sheryl Crow & her music. Like nails on a chalkboard to me. And she’s a darn good liberal too, I will never buy any of her songs or go to a concert ’cause she just bugs me.

You think I care? No! Because I can separate the two things.

Oh, maybe that’s because I am pragmatic eh?



  1. Gotta hand it to you…you hit the nail on the head on several key points…wish I better understood the politics of the two hunks you show, but all in all…as you implied…it just doesn’t matter…you see a think, you like it, and most probably, you like it on a level that is more Pragmatic than most. Not a fan of many celebs and musicians and unfortunately, now that I consider that and what you stated…it is simply because I see their faces, their work, and their reactions to the media that photograph and interview them more than any politician, president of a major corporation or head of any international church. Pity the entertainers who, given a choice, would probably still entertain us for free, are screwed because we love to watch them simply because we wish we were them (hot).

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