Media slant – stop denying it!!

First off, just for giggles, let’s take a look at some screen caps of the three cable news websites from right now:


Zombies are the big news? Really? OK.  Well, moving on…They do rotate that top story quite a bit throughout the day of course & I know I saw the Olympics as the top story earlier. But then, so was the Letterman story. Mostly I find CNN to be good with breaking news, but often, well, too ‘fluffy’ by far.

Check out their wording on the Olympic bid results though. Rio celebrating. Obama returns empty-handed. Which is true. Doesn’t feel like the headline was spun too much.


Much more substance with Fox even though the premier story is on rare footage of Anne Frank. There is the obligatory Letterman story which no one was going to miss today – hey, sex scandals sell no matter who is involved right? Then there is the Fear-Line. A story on terrorists shifting their focus (possibly) from Somalia to the US. I got news for YOU guys – DUH. At this point I assume everyone has us on their target list and has for probably the last couple of decades. But fine, let’s remind everyone that we are not safe on a Friday night. Their Olympic coverage is already buried beneath their headline page. The other headlines are slightly slanted against Dems. I know, I know, Fox News folks will say “that’s not slant, that’s just TRUTH!” Moving on again…


An upbeat headline on economic recover (yes, that is slanted – see, I can recognize it!) Letterman AGAIN – told ya sex sells. Rio is the main story with several pieces on it and then one tucked in headline about Tiger Woods. Then more bad news for the Philippines as another typhoon is headed their way (seriously, c’mon Mother Nature, make it stop over there already!)

So who slanted? Fox & MSNBC – which is no surprise. One channel filters the truth through a conservative lense and the other through a liberal one. No doubt about it. CNN…well, they kinda go both ways 😉 Some days I see slants of both kinds and others, like this one, very little slant, but also, very little of substance.

The websites (IMHO) mirror their TV counterparts. MSNBC – while it opens the day with three hours with a conservative host – Joe Scarborough – he is the most *reasonable* GOP voice in media. Which I think is indicative of who he is but then I wonder if working on a station that is otherwise left leaning doesn’t center him a little more? OTOH they regularly have Pat Flipping Buchanan on their shows as a guest and he is about as crazy right wing as one can get without *being* employed at Fox News 🙂 I guess that’s how the station maintains a flirtation with balance right? Hah.  I haven’t really sniffed a ‘lean’ tendency with Dylan Ratigan or Dr Nancy. Actually I haven’t seen much Dr Nancy. I do watch Ratigan  since his show is essentially the west coast morning show. The rest of their opinion based hosts beginning with Ed Schultz are certainly leftward leaning and anyone who claims otherwise is blind. I am not. I watch them because they don’t make me want to throw things. And because they are just as brutal against Democrats – especially the spineless ones who don’t more aggressively pursue and stand up for a Democratic agenda.

Fox provides the same for the right. Except that I don’t think they even bother with any left leaning hosts anymore do they? They used to have that useless Alan Colmes with Sean Hannity but heck, *I* could out debate Colmes and I agree with him!! Again – do not try and tell me it is not a view of the world from the conservative point. Just. Stop. It. Just as I would be blind to not see the left slant on MSNBC, any of you who try to tell me that Fox is not slanted to the right are quite sadly blinded.

Like I said – its been told to me that I just need to watch for myself – it’s the TRUTH. Sure it is. Oh hey – you know that New Jersey school scandal? With the kids singing about Obama? Which I agreed was not the smartest thing ever. Well…so, Fox News highlighting it so heavily WAS reporting the TRUTH in that the kids DID sing that song. They just didn’t quite highlight some other bits of TRUTH. Namely that the parents had ALL seen the lyrics and did not protest. The parents did NOT sign permission slips for their children to be videotaped and the video published on You Tube and shown on cable news without their kids faces faded out, oh, and by the way – back in 2006 schoolchildren in New Orleans *serenaded* the Bushes with thanks and praises to them and FEMA and Congress for all the good work they had done after Katrina (say what?!). In other words, Fox just didn’t tell the WHOLE truth because that would have taken away from their VERSION of The TRUTH (Obama indoctrinating kids).

You need to watch any news station with a jaded eye. With skepticism. Be mindful of the slant. Do your OWN homework to find the Rest of the Story. You shouldn’t have to. Its a shame how bad the so called news has become, but it is what it is. Just don’t let yourself be blinded.


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