Civility? Logic? Reason? Ah, who needs it?


Let’s kick things off here with a little commentary on the state of political discourse these days. It’s out of control!! I saved a letter below because it is a great example of what *should* be considered an extremist voice from the conservative side, but instead has become pretty acceptable and mainstream in the GOP. Thanks to the major voices of their side embracing the truly…well, the kind word would be illogical…the kind description would be “not based on any truth or reason”….those people, those ideas conspiracy theories are driving the talking points from the right. Birthers, deathers, Obama=Hitler-ers (awkward ;-)), racists (because a lot of them really are), and people who just hate any Democrat simply for having a (D) after their name have the loudest voices. And what does that create? Town hall meetings when there is NO debate or discussion – just shouting of slogans. Time wasted by the media on completely unfounded claims about the health care bill spread BY elected officials vs debate on the real issue even for someone like me who believes we should be covering everyone – how do we pay for it all? And it creates an atmosphere when a previously little known congressman from South Carolina (lovely state..ahem), allows himself to heckle a president during a speech to a joint session of congress on national TV. Stupidly too – I mean, again, holler out when Obama claims the bill will be deficit neutral if you must yell – but really, shout out “You lie” at a line that, well, was just NOT a lie! Not only an example of a lack of civility, but a complete lack of reason too.

So here’s the letter. Every Saturday Markos posts a sampling of the hate mail he has received during the week.  Now, I am not choosing the nuttiest one – I am choosing to share this one which is actually a pretty good example of exactly what is being said. I saw sentiments, if not exactly matching statements just like these on political discussions on Facebook for instance. I’ve seen/heard this repeated by the main stream media. Please note not only the tone, but really, the lack of *logic* being applied here:

Can you imagine if Bush tried to infest our schools like Obama is ?

Liberals of course are crying foul that we are not allowing our children to hear Obama speak.

If President Bush tried to pull this off, the left would be out in the streets burning down buildings and asking for his head. No politics in the classroom. Period! Religion and Politics are
Personal private issues and it is the family, the parents in charge of the instruction for both.
The liberals would love us to be stupid and think this is simply a sweet kind speech. This man has
An agenda. We get it. We know it . He has no right to infest our children with his views on issues
Or his view of America. Stay out of my kids classroom, stay out of our lives. We did not vote for him, we do not agree with anything he thinks or believes, he is against everything we do believe in.
It starts with a speech, then down the line another, forget it !

Obama is the best thing that ever happened to the Republican Party, look what having him in power has accomplished. We found our voices. The party without the numbers, the minority party was able to
Bring his health care bill to it’s burial , after the announcement of his school speech, within 24 hours
The administration was cleaning it’s web site and rewording the questionable parts of the lesson plan . Some schools are not showing it at all, others are allowing children to leave the room and some are not attending school that day. See, Obama would love if he had the power Saddam and Hitler did over their people, he would love to have his portrait hanging in every school room across the country, he would love our children’s books to be favorable of him, he would love an anthem to be sung about and for him. He would love for us to salute and fear him, he would love control of every aspect of our lives. It is not going to happen. The people in the Country, the majority of the American people love our Country just the way it is, we love our history, culture and our way of life . As far as Obama is concerned he find some country closest to his agenda and leave and leave us the hell alone.
His Health Care Bill is nothing more than a tactic to drive us closer to a Socialist nation, he owns the banking industry, he owns the auto industry, he is trying to cut off free speech and he lashes out at the opposition . No thanks man, take your health bill care and shove it. Take your ideas for change and MOVE ELSEWHERE. It is not going to happen in American, just because we the people say so.

It was, of course, signed anonymously 😉



  1. One of the things I’ve been wondering about is why the incivility seems to have gotten so out of hand now. There are plenty of pretty unpleasant types on on the left too, but even Bush didn’t produce the level of collective rabidness that seems to have over-taken the right these days.

    I have a growing feeling that what were seeing is a segment of the country that really does feel that they are the “Real America” and that surrounded by an ever increasing number of “Aliens.” There were signs of it when Clinton was president — and I think it’s significant that much of the anti-Clinton paranoia centered around Hillary who was painted with the big city, feminist, counter-cultural brush.

    And now I’m beginning to think that the fixation with illegal aliens and Obama’s birth certificate are all part of the pattern. Strange people who aren’t Real Americans somehow elected someone who obviously isn’t a Real American, so there must be a conspiracy somewhere. How else could the natural order of things be so shaken.

    This also explains why they weren’t protesting Big Government when Bush’s Big Government was wire-tapping. That was okay because Real Americans were in charge, and they only targeted the Bad Guys. But now Real Americans aren’t in power — and maybe the Bad Guys are — so government power is now frightening not reassuring.

    So in the end, I think the incivility is only a symptom of a more fundamental problem. A significant minority of Americans seem to believe that their country has been over taken by people less truly American than they are, and this minority is outraged that this could be possible, and truly, truly frighten by what these not-really-American people plan to do with their power.

    1. Rachel – I think that is certainly at the core of what we are seeing. It’s probably not true of everyone raising their voice, but it sure seems to be true of a lot of them. Did you see the signs at the rally in DC Saturday? So many of them completely support what you just said. We saw hints of it during the campaign last year when Palin would rally up the crowds with her “palling around with terrorists” line. It’s the new generation of the GOP – and it’s pretty darn ugly.

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